Waynedale United Methodist Church
Monday, March 30, 2020
Making Disciples of Jesus for the Transformation of the World!

October 8, 2017 Sermon

“Let The Party Continue!”
John 2: 1 – 11
Ted Jansen  October 8, 2017  Waynedale UMC
1.)        “Let the Party Continue!”  That is what was announced after the very first miracle that Jesus performed in Cana.  We don’t read those words in the Bible but I am sure that is what happened after Jesus brought about transformation. 
            Jesus performed many different types of miracles.  A lot of them involved people who needed healing.  This miracle, this transformation, involved turning water into wine at a wedding reception.  This first miracle of Jesus was not casting out a demon, or making blind man see, or healing lepers.  This was a party crisis, a celebration was going to end before it needed to! 
            Let’s discover what happened in John 2:1 – 11.  
2.)        Jesus, Mary and the disciples are in Cana at a wedding feast.  In that time and tradition the wedding feast would last up to a week.  The celebration was for family, friends, and those who lived in the area.  When your children were getting married you did your best to be prepared with plenty of food and drink as a part of your gift.  You had a celebration for them and all people. 
            It was Mary that noticed at this celebration the wine had run out.  She decided to do something and involve Jesus.  So, Mary tells Jesus that there is no more wine.  This is a crisis, a problem and Mary wants Jesus to do something about it.    
3.)        Mary knows that Jesus is divine and though He will spend a lot of time doing miracles of healing, a wedding party needs his divine power.   
            Jesus, is reluctant to be involved and tells his mother so.  She then tells the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to do.   I picture Jesus shrugging a bit at his mom, Mary, and then realizes that His glory can be shown here in this place. 
So, Jesus tells the servants to fill up six stone jars that can hold around 30 gallons with water.  They do this and then Jesus tells the servant to draw from the jars and take it to the master of the banquet. 
When the servants give this water that has turned into wine to the master of the banquet he calls the bridegroom.  The master tells the groom that this is great wine.  The master is surprised because usually what happens is that the best is served first.  This great wine has been saved until the last. 
4.)        There are only a few people who know how this happened and how a wedding reception was rescued.  Mary, the disciples, Jesus and the servants knew who made this happen.  Jesus.    
Jesus transformed water into wine.  This was the miracle in Cana.  The result of his miracle is that the party could continue! 
I want to share two statements and how they relate to our lives of faith.     
5.)        Jesus transforms scarcity into abundance.    At this wedding reception there was no more wine.  They had none, zero, and the celebration was ending.  This would have been stressful and a dishonor for the family whose children they were celebrating.
            We know from what John tells us that approximately 180 gallons of wine were made.  There were six stone jars that could hold up to 30 gallons, and they were filled to the brim. 
This was really good wine, great wine.  This was the best, according to the master of the banquet.  
            Do you know how many bottles of wine this was?  This was around 900 bottles of wine that Jesus made.  That is a lot.  This was abundance.    
Abundance give us reason to celebrate. 
6.)        How do you think farmers feel when they begin to harvest their crop and realize that it has been a great year, the crops are producing a lot?  What is the feeling of abundance in their spirit?           They have joy!  Lots of joy as they bring in more than expected.  They sit in their combine and consider when they planted the seed, and the weeding and cultivating they did.  They saw the plant as it grew and now at the harvest they are happy, they have an abundant crop. 
7.)        We have joy today, and like farmers bringing in the harvest, we consider all the work that people have invested in our “Remember our Past…Imagine our Future” campaign.  The joy of our abundance is that more than 73 households have pledged.  We believe God has brought us an abundance and more will come and we want to celebrate.    
            Let the party continue!  We don’t want to focus on scarcity, but abundance and what the Lord will do to transform scarcity to abundance. 
8.)        Jesus transforms the common to holy!    The servants filled the jars with water.  That is all is was, common, ordinary water.  The jars were a common items used for the ceremonious washing of hands. There wasn’t anything special about the water, the jars, or servants, who were doing what Jesus asked them to do.  The common became holy as the water turned to great wine!    
            When something common is transformed into something holy God will use that for a divine purpose. 
            I saw an image this past week from the Las Vegas shooting where a man was laying on a woman to protect her while all the people had run away.  When I saw that image it touched me in my heart.   It was a common man doing something heroic, divine, risking his life to protect another.    
9.)        I considered Jesus transforming the common to the holy and the items of bread and juice came to me.  We use these in the celebration of Communion.  We take the bread and juice and bless them.  We eat and drink these common items and through the Holy Spirit they become a sign of the holy.  What happen as result of us taking the bread and juice?  We find healing, hope, forgiveness, love, grace, strength, salvation, joy as we allow the love of God to come inside our hearts anew. 
            Let the party continue!       
10.)      Do you remember those two 100 Grand bars I showed you?  Well I put them in this basket so I wouldn’t forget them.  I haven’t forgotten them, in fact I have been thinking about them all morning.  Chocolate is good and who doesn’t like chocolate.  Have any of you been thinking about them?    
I just looked in this basket and something happened.  Those two candy bars are now many!  There are a bunch of them in this basket.  I believe that there are enough for all of us to take one and enjoy them. 
Let the party continue!